Types of eye inflammation and how to overcome them

Inflammation of the eye or known medically as uveitis, is a condition characterized by swelling in the middle layer of eye wall tissue (uvea). Eye inflammation can occur only in one eye, or both eyes. This condition is generally experienced by someone at the age of 20-50 years. In fact, uveitis is known as inflammation of the eye, because inflammation that occurs not only attacks the uvea, but also affects other parts of the eye such as the lens, retina, eye nerves, and vitreous. This inflammation can cause swelling and damage to eye tissue. For this reason, inflammation of the eyes needs to be addressed properly. If not treated immediately, eye inflammation can cause vision problems, even blindness. Types of Eye Inflammation Eye inflammation can be divided into several types, depending on where the location of inflammation occurs, including: Anterior uveitis Anterior uveitis is often referred to as "iritis" because it affects the iris. The iris is the colored par
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